Botanical Name: Leucaena retusa
Common Name: Golden Ball Lead Tree  
Plant photo of: Leucaena retusa
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  • Anatomy

  • Culture

  • Design

Plant Type

Tree, Shrub


Height Range



Flower Color

Gold, Yellow


Flower Season

Spring, Summer


Leaf Color

Green, Light Green


Bark Color

Brown, Grey


Fruit Color



Fruit Season






Very Low, Low, Extra in Summer


Growth Rate

Fast, Moderate


Soil Type

Sandy, Clay, Loam, Rocky, Unparticular


Soil Condition

Average, Rich, Poor, Well-drained


Soil pH

Neutral, Basic


Adverse Factors

Attracts Bees

Design Styles

Japanese, Mediterranean, Spanish, Tropical


Accenting Features

Fragrance, Multi-trunk Tree, Showy Flowers


Seasonal Interest

Spring, Summer


Location Uses

Background, Entry, Parking Strip, Patio


Special Uses



Attracts Wildlife


Information by: Mary Irish
Photographer: Mountain States Nursery
  • Description

  • Notes

Deciduous single or multi-trunk tree grows at a moderate to fast rate to 20' tall. Fine textured bright glossy-green foliage. The bark is cinnamon colored and flaky. Showy yellow gold 1 1/2" puffballs appear spring-summer after rains. Needs well drained soil. No thorns. Accepts full or reflected sun Native to western Texas and Chihuahua.
Frost tolerant to 5 F.